The Lifespan Research Network (LRN) at Royal Holloway, University of London, brings together researchers investigating human development.  We study the dynamic changes throughout life, from early development in infancy to the complexities of old age, with particular attention to cognition, psychological and emotional well-being.
LRN was established to bring together academics and PhD candidates across different labs, creating a collaborative environment where we can share ideas and expertise to help us create a fuller picture of human development. Our work is enriched by partnerships with educational practitioners, policymakers, and charitable organisations, ensuring our research is grounded in and contributes to the broader community.

Inclusivity is fundamental to the Lifespan Research Network. We are dedicated to cultivating a community where everyone feels welcome and valued, and we actively invite a diverse range of individuals to participate in our psychological research. Through our database, we connect with those who share an interest in our studies, offering them a chance to contribute to our research and keep up to date with our latest findings and initiatives.

The Lifespan Research Network is focused on advancing our understanding of human development through interdisciplinary research. Our aim is to deepen the collective knowledge of life’s stages in ways that are directly relevant and beneficial to the diverse populations we engage with.